Unlikely but true, our intrepid videographer was accompanying a fashion shoot for POP magazine, and managed to capture the spirit of the subculture under the approving auspices of the Hells Angels.

Using our stealthy SD microcamera we were very much igognito unless filming our friends from the London Chapter. Our motion graphics added dynamism.

This archival piece is an accurate representation of the wild world of this iconic countercultural world.

  • Here and There
    Here and There
  • Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
    Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
  • Raw Muscle
    Raw Muscle
  • u-turn
  • Shoreditch Memories
    Shoreditch Memories
  • 76 Seconds
    76 Seconds
  • Hamish Morrow Fashion
    Hamish Morrow Fashion