Double booked, but worth the juggle! Lou Dalton at London Fashion Week, with the lovely blue and gold invite above! Who could resist? And another beauty for the archives, the invite for Anarchy in the Organism, from UCLA Arts with support from the Wellcome Trust. Busy Jujus.

Who doesn’t love a good documentary symposium?  Our entire JUJU team spent a well-deserved cultural top up day…

APPEX 2012 Prospect and Property Expo. Well, it was a challenge: How do we make a trade show look marginally sexy ? Our new slider and a bit of jib action seemed to do the trick at the Islington Design Centre. A few architectural features certainly helped!

Well, there we are, taking our photo opp outside! Lea and JUU’s great friend, Jonathan Adams of Investec – rude not to, really.

Tower Hamlets – mega-mixed modern London at its very best, and what better to do than create a resource for young folk to revel in it all! Working with the local borough in London, we helped to create CoeXist “A resource to get young people asking questions”.