• DALTON MAAG at the V&A
    DALTON MAAG at the V&A
    Typographers of wide reknown,Dalton Maag took up residence at the V&A museum’s ‘Friday Late – What the Font’ event, a curated evening of workshops, talks and music. Chihuly’s enormous glass Chandelier under the dome of the main entrance proved a perfect foil to the Dalston Maag interactive type board with [...]
  • Beatherder
    There is something to be said for a small festival held in such regard by its regulars that 300 people (and counting) have tattooed the logo on a body part! The people up north sure know how to party, and we were only too happy to be there to re-present [...]
  • Quintessentially Events Atelier at Temple Place
    Quintessentially Events Atelier at Temple Place
    We at JUJU were delighted to be invited along to capture this event. Quintessetially invites selective couples from around the world to attend a unique and highly exclusive showcase, where they can experience exceptional service first hand, meet world-class planners and introduced to some of the industry’s finest suppliers. It [...]
  • LOVEBOX Festival
    LOVEBOX Festival
    What an absolute thrill it was to film such a well-loved event at our local public space of note, Victoria Park, and so we went about to incorporate it in all it’s glory, not least of which to distinguish this highly urban event from it’s countryside colleagues. We were blessed [...]
  • Medieval Jousting at Hever Castle
    Medieval Jousting at Hever Castle
    Brief Keen to promote brand loyalty, particularly amongst younger audiences, Hever Castle commissioned a dramatic and humorous online film to appeal to younger, media-savvy visitors and increase related merchandise sales. Filmed on location at Hever Castle throughout the summer, the mini-movie would showcase their popular jousting tournaments to audiences new [...]
  • Secret Productions All-out Festival Fever
    Secret Productions All-out Festival Fever
    You’ve got to hand it to them, Secret Productions certainly know how to put on one (in fact many) hell of a party! This amalgamation video was commissioned to play in a pre-festival party in Thailand as a taster for the freshest new party on the planet. Interesting fact: this [...]
  • SECRET PRODUCTIONS Multi-feature Promo
    SECRET PRODUCTIONS Multi-feature Promo
    Secret Productions is driven by a talented and committed team, the company is renowned for designing, programming, promoting and producing a broad range of event-based businesses, and what better way to showcase the strength and range of their spectacular achievements than to create a video of their work by means [...]
  • Wilderness
    Exceptional countryside, laid-back pretty party people, wine and song, made for an intoxicating mix at last year’s heady Wilderness 2014 festival. From the awe-inspiring, globally acclaimed spectacle that is the French aerial artistes. Trans Express in the sky to woodcrafts, intellectual pursuits headed up by the one and only Ruby [...]
  • La Perla
    La Perla
    This superlative underwear and now excitingly outerwear product needs to be seen to be believed, and we were utterly delighted to have captured the essence of the brand at a very important feature in their annual events calendar, namely the QWA, this year, held at two Temple Place. The video [...]