• Tusk Charity Promotional Video
    Tusk Charity Promotional Video
    We were particularly delighted, being Saffie (South African) run and all, to be approached to do this project for Tusk, nature conservation, whose patron is HRH Prince William. We were provided with three existing assets of varying quality and consistency, and came up with a creative solution, using graphic design [...]
  • Anikhet Shah
    Anikhet Shah
    Anikhet Shah has a fantastic proposition. Why not base the world’s economic analysis on metrics of happiness? Investec demonstrates the forward thinking in these matters by supporting the publication of this book, and ensured that we were there to capture the launch in order to further promote this brand new, [...]
  • John Stopford
    John Stopford
    Senior financial analyst, Mr. Stopford, waxes analytical in an engaging piece to camera about emerging markets, that even laypeople such as ourselves found engaging and informative. Our client was particularly pleased with our creative solution to break up what could have been a commonplace video by creating textual motion graphics [...]
  • AAPG Istanbul
    AAPG Istanbul
  • Imperial Barrel Awards
    Imperial Barrel Awards
    Premier Industry Event shot in Prague
  • Open House London (Open City)
    Open House London (Open City)
    Filming the capital's biggest architectural showcase
  • APPEX Prospect and Property Expo
    APPEX Prospect and Property Expo
    Leading Trade Show at the Islington Business Conference Centre
  • Vidal Sassoon
    Vidal Sassoon
    Creative Director's inaugural show
  • Bodylines Fitness
    Bodylines Fitness
    Adding a shine to a gem of a local gym
  • Bethnal Green Technology College
    Bethnal Green Technology College
    Creative entrepreneurialism at it’s youthful best