Our client wanted something entirely different to the global APPEX conference in London in March, to bring home the particular advantages to exhibitors and attendees alike, of a regional event specific to their interests and needs in a very well-placed geographic, strategic, and not to mention, gorgeous, location.


We used our combinations of full HD Canon DSLR and Panasonic HVX 2o1, which work well together in the edit, to capture a combination of tricky lighting scenarios, and we shot with reference to the split-screen concept that was to underscore the East | West dynamic in a sophisticated and energetic way.

Our edit made the most of our slider shots moving left to right and our jib panning and tilting discreetly, with a very light colour grade to smooth out the different camera looks.


Our client believes that we met the task at hand, and that we were able to reflect the corporate nature of the event in an engaging and dynamic way.

  • Anikhet Shah
    Anikhet Shah
  • Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
    Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
  • Bethnal Green Technology College
    Bethnal Green Technology College
  • Vidal Sassoon
    Vidal Sassoon
  • Open House London (Open City)
    Open House London (Open City)
  • Imperial Barrel Awards
    Imperial Barrel Awards
  • Bodylines Fitness
    Bodylines Fitness
  • APPEX Prospect and Property Expo
    APPEX Prospect and Property Expo
  • Tusk Charity Promotional Video
    Tusk Charity Promotional Video
  • John Stopford
    John Stopford