When superstar Basshunter ‘just dropped in’ for a private gig at Gibson Studios for his label The Ministry of Sound, JUJU were commissioned to make an exclusive film of the international star for online release. With our experience filming intimate events, we were perfectly suited to make the most of the big star in a small space.

We originally planned to film a locked off shoot on our Panasonic HVX 201, accompanied by backstage interviews. But on the day we hit two significant obstacles. Not only was the other sponsor’s cameraman nowhere to be found, but the crowds anticipated for the event had failed to show and turnout was low.

With the event about to start, we, together with our client, revised the brief. Our locked off shoot became a mix of every possible angle. From one position we would break out into roaming shots; then to fly on the wall; then taking shots of the crowd. To compensate for the underwhelming turnout, we shot very tight, keeping all of the audience within the frame.

Later, the edit made the most of the shots we got by successfully bringing out the star’s personality and the energy of the event.

A very successfully edited piece did the trick, capturing the life and soul of the party alongside the dynamic performance.

The funky video was used by all sponsors of the event: Ministry of Sound, Bebo and Samsung. It appeared as part of their social media branding on website Hard 2 Beat, Facebook and Youtube.

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