Take just two days, one group of bright, ambitious students, and one exciting project: the world’s your oyster. Bethnal Green Technology College (BGTC) wanted a film for their website to showcase the college to prospective parents. And they wanted it made by their top Gifted and Talented students so new pupils could hear directly from current ones what the school is like. With our expertise in working with young people, JUJU knew exactly how to deliver…

We had the students with us for two days only, so we got them involved in every aspect of the process. On the first day we held a workshop where they wrote a script, planned filming and sourced props. On the second day they got stuck in straight away, directing behind the camera or acting in front of it. Hands on? Hands everywhere more like.

From the technical perspective we used a Panasonic HVX201, and because we were filming quickly in a short space of time, we relied on natural light and on board sound throughout. With only two of us managing the teams of students, we were clear about logistics and filming strategies and flexible with responding to and encouraging the students’ creative ideas.

The film has been a big hit with prospective pupils and parents, appearing on the college’s website and also used internally on open days.

As important, though, is what the students took away from the project: not only an extra-curricular activity to add to their CVs, but also the creative stimulation and enjoyment in building both their teamwork and practical skills.

  • Imperial Barrel Awards
    Imperial Barrel Awards
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  • Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
    Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
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