A small but perfectly formed women’s only gym tucked away from passing footfall, were looking to attract the attention of the local ladies and encourage their uptake of off-peak services.

Our brief was to produce an online promotional video to capture the opinions of a wide variety of clients who had experienced real results from using the gym. A casual observational documentary style was requested to convey the friendly atmosphere of the establishment and the high involvement of staff.

Bodylines is a compact gym, and so any additional lights would have interfered with the day-to-day running of the business, not to mention their down-to-earth clients. We therefore had to make do with existing light. Our in-house Panasonic HVX 201 was deployed in very low light conditions, going hand-held without a tripod so as not to get in the way. We also had a female cameraperson as it was a women only zone.

Mission accomplished! Immediate ‘buy-in’ by staff and customers. They felt that the true, local spirit of the business was captured, accurately reflecting the personalised attention unique to such an enterprise. The buzz surrounding the video helped increase the numbers of new clients, and in addition the film has since been used as part of an in-house marketing and staff motivation strategy.

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