A new challenge for our project management skills: a commission from Tower Hamlets’ Cultural Cohesion team to collate and repackage a year’s worth of documentary films for young audiences.

The brief responded to a number of different imperatives and the project demanded high levels of skill in diverse areas; with our expertise across marketing; film, print and DVD authoring, project management; and working with young people, we were ideally placed to take on the task.

Under the banner of CoeXist, a catch-all concept designed to incorporate all aspects of interfaith relations amongst young people, JUJU was commissioned to:

- create a new promotional 90 second trailer, to be used as email flyer, online viral, and DVD introduction;
- pull together disparate material into a streamlined CoeXisT concept that would appeal to young people and youth workers;
- project manage the production of a DVD to feature our trailer alongside the seven other pre-produced films Prevent had commissioned during the year (including our own 76 Seconds);
- liaise with the appropriate educational authorities to produce sensitive, fun and utilitarian worksheets in conjunction with the DVD for use by youth group leaders, teachers, police and madrassahs.

Above all the DVD and associated materials had to appeal to the gamut of those working with young people in the borough, and then in turn to the young people themselves. We wanted to present a package which not only appealed as a worthwhile and educational message, but also as something which would communicate directly with young people and change hearts and minds. As a result we developed a design and trailer which would have strong appeal and respond to both demands.

Five of the seven existing films were appropriate in style, quality and length for the intended youth audiences. JUJU responded by reediting the remaining two films to appeal to the audience and to fit in with the overall package concept.

Both functionally and aesthetically appealing, the package engages both youth workers and young people. The DVD is also a useful tool for youth workers to use when tackling sensitive cultural cohesion issues. The package also helps form part of PREVENT’s wider marketing and social responsibility remits and will soon be rolled out throughout the borough.

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