This was one of the very first films of its kind, offering as it did intimate access to the creative force behind a then leading global fashion brand. With the film intended for both marketing and archive purposes, the material available included Hamish Morrow’s latest catwalk show, behind the scenes footage, and interviews with the creative director himself.

More challenging than a standard promo-style film, this would require expert attention to detail as the film needed to reflect Morrow’s groundbreaking work, developing the prototype of the luxe-sports look, by being equally unique and striking in its own visuals and concept.

We went handheld to bring out the edginess and intimacy of the high profile catwalk show in a carpark, and used a single mini-SD camera to remain as unobtrusive as possible, enabling us to capture the leading fashion luminaries in a candid way.

We underscored the footage with a distorted narrative voiceover, recorded during an interview with Hamish Morrow, to provide continuity and the desired dissonant feel to the piece.

We successfully represented the DNA of the brand in an engaging and stylish film, which added value to the website, and later for the design house’s archive.

  • Here and There
    Here and There
  • 76 Seconds
    76 Seconds
  • Shoreditch Memories
    Shoreditch Memories
  • Raw Muscle
    Raw Muscle
  • u-turn
  • Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project
    Coexist Trailer for DVD Production project