How does one talk about genocide to young people in an ‘engaging’ way, not only informing them but also maintaining their interest at the same time?

JUJU was presented with a full-feature film, FRAGILE PEACE, to include in the Tower Hamlets’ CoeXisT DVD. Commissioned by the cultural cohesion team for a very different audience, FRAGILE PEACE told the story of an Interfaith group of older people looking at the rebuilding of Bosnia after the Srebrenica massacre.

Working closely with the Cultural Cohesion team and the FRAGILE PEACE producer, we decided that rather than including the whole film and its trailer, the best course of action was to create an entirely new eight minute, snappily edited film out of the existing footage, at the same time tailoring it to appeal to young people.

Our collaboration with the FRAGILE PEACE producer continued throughout the process as we sought to stay sensitive to the integrity of the initial project while focusing on the revised brief to create an entirely new film.

JUJU’s film, HERE AND THERE, contextualises the action for education purposes; we introduced maps and images into the final film to explain the factual history and issues while also showing the original film’s journey of discovery. We also replaced the music with a soundtrack appropriate for observant Muslims in madrassahs and schools.

HERE AND THERE is now a suitable film for inclusion in the CoeXisT DVD aimed at young people in Tower Hamlets. The material has been successfully recut and reshaped in a fast-moving edit style to appeal to the intended audience.

The director of FRAGILE PEACE was happy with our reversioning of her film. Our edit both created something distinct from her own work and reflected her creative intentions for the original piece.

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