As part of their promotional strategy, the Association of Petroleum Geologists runs a prestigious annual student competition to attract the brightest and the best to their ranks.

The European Region commissioned JUJU to make an internet-friendly video covering their 2011 awards ceremony; the film would showcase the awards to attract high-calibre student applicants in future years and also help raise the profile of the industry in the wider world.

The clear brief was to capture the behind the scenes excitement, from the drama of the students’ competitive camaraderie, to the event’s career opportunities: discovering more about the different facets of the industry, and seeing and being seen by industry heavyweights.

On the technical front, we used the Canon 7D and Sennheiser sound boom for the more stable establishing shots and interviews, and our Panasonic HVX 201 to record the informal, ‘running gun’ style shots.

With 26 logos to incorporate we deployed smart graphic design with an inventive motion graphics solution aided by an engaging soundtrack with reportage and formal footage.

The feel-good short film is currently available on the AAPG website [link] and is also used in schools and universities for presentation purposes.

Our satisfied client reports on positive feeback from sponsors who believe it be of tangible benefit to both themselves and the industry as a whole.

JUJU is currently in talks with AAPG about filming both the global competition.

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