The Spurs Norwood Altogether Project (SNAP) is a social inclusion charity formed between NORWOOD and Spurs Football Club that works to improve the lives of those with learning difficulties and to offer them life-enhancing experiences.

SNAP was seeking a short, internet-friendly film of their football tournament with a clear tri-fold purpose: as an incentive for helpers and participants involved in the scheme at NORWOOD; to generate more outside help and funds to support their ongoing projects; and as a promotional tool for Spurs to highlight the charity work the club do amongst the community.

With the Queen as patron, and Cherie Blair and David Cameron as key supporters of the project, the stakes were high to produce a relevant and entertaining film while conveying the enjoyment of the participants and passion of the helpers.

A modest half-day shoot was arranged to cover SNAP’s football tournament, using a Sony Z1 HDV camera on tripod for interviews and hand held for action shots.

Care was taken to include footage of individual participants as well as the great and the good in the crowd so as to engage the viewer in a direct and personal way, while the bouncy soundtrack conveys the upbeat tone of the day and the sense of achievement felt by the participants.

The film uniquely documents the successful delivery of the charity’s services in a moving and entertaining way and as such has been a useful and effective tool in fundraising activities. It also adds value to the NorwoodTV YouTube channel, where it sits next to more formal events coverage, from royal visits to fashion shows.


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