Open House London celebrates the best of the capital’s buildings and landmarks. For one weekend every September, it offers unique access to a huge array of otherwise inaccessible amazing London architecture.

Our client wanted a short film which represented the wide appeal of the event, and which brought out individual reactions to the architecture. With previous work reflecting the often-unrepresented authentic voice of the general public, JUJU Films was ideally positioned to take this on.

Getting the right footage of the huge range of buildings on offer across the capital was always going to be a challenge. To cover as much as possible in one day with only two cameras, we worked together with the client to map out the most appropriate and representative areas for filming, largely focused on the inner city boundaries.

Our Panasonic HVX 201 and Sony HDV Z1 were used for stable tripod interview shots and more informal handheld footage. We were conscious that there could be a marked contrast in style, so a careful edit achieved a consistency in the final look.

Happy with the result, Open House successfully have used this short, representative film in subsequent marketing campaigns to present to funders, organisations and potential participatory buildings.

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