The story of how an off-the-cuff music shoot inspired a five-year creative collaboration between JUJU and The Secret Garden Party starts here…

Invited to the Party by a friend, our director planned initially to make a live recording of electro-dance duo, Zej, performing on the Valley of the Antics stage; but once there she found herself captivated by the rest of the festival, and couldn’t resist recording the whole event on film, especially the inimitable Grace Jones.

After the festival JUJU put together a short film showing off the Party in all its magnificent splendour and sent it off to the organisers, suggesting it as a record of the event for posterity. Little could we have predicted the results…

With this unanticipated shoot, we were lucky to have a great micro-camera on hand: our in-house SD Sony PC120 E, with it’s 3CCD chip and low-light capabilities.

In the edit, we used a lovely old-skool track with a beatsy feel to underscore the eccentricity of the festival while keeping the modern mood.

A huge success and proof that seizing the day really does pay off! The Secret Garden Party loved the film and our unique method of capturing the Partiers as much as if not more than the performers. So much so, in fact, that they used it as part of their showreel in their exclusive event at the Brighton Film Festival that year. It also appeared online and for subtle promotion to drum up excitement about the following year’s event.

And so it was the start of a beautiful relationship, when The Secret Garden Party asked JUJU to return the following year to film Jarvis Cocker.

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