And how the Head Gardeners outdid themselves this year! With their utopian theme, ‘Eden and Babylon’, inspiring brilliantly flamboyant and creative responses from participants, and with headliner Jarvis Cocker living it up both on and off-stage, it was quite a year.

After the success of JUJU’s impromptu film from the previous year, we were commissioned to make a short film in the same style for their website and facebook page. Our brief was to build on the narrative feel of the previous year’s coverage, keeping our unique focus on the participants and their experiences of the four day festival.

We had a three camera team, using our Panasonic HVX 201, Sony HDV Z1 and Sony AF G to film over three days.

Thanks to the festival still being very intimate at this stage, and especially to the informality of headliner Jarvis Cocker, we had privileged backstage access and the opportunity to get some extraordinary candid footage of our headline act.

The edit incorporated two tracks denoting day into evening, and our layered montage of the closing festival fireworks, amplified the drama and excitement of the spectacle.

The Head Gardeners were delighted with the film, in particular the way we’d edited the fireworks sequence. As with last year, our unique focus on capturing the participants and their euphoria made for an impressive and intimate account of the festival in all its glory.

The film appeared on The Secret Garden Party’s truly memorable website, and we were asked back to do it all again the following year.

  • Bandito
  • Basshunter
  • The Secret Garden Party 2008
    The Secret Garden Party 2008
  • Royal Gunpowder Mills
    Royal Gunpowder Mills