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Vidal Sassoon is world-renowned for visionary hair design and inspirational styles inspired by the Bauhaus movement. Newly appointed Creative Director Davide Scarna commissioned JUJU to film his inaugural show where he set out his innovative approach to the Vidal Sassoon ethos, one which incorporates and expands upon the original philosophy.


Our HD Panasonic HVX 201 was locked off in position, and so the footage is very measured in tone. The supplied audio-visual animation was used in combination with the show’s own soundtrack in the edit to convey the core concepts and visual style underpinning the presentation.


The film has been used as an effective in-house demonstration tool to reflect how the brand’s style and ethos are a firm foundation upon which to experiment. It reflects the client’s desire to portray a distinctive twist to an classic vision and reinforce how the brand can evolve and endure while remaining true to its proverbial roots.

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